Public Private Competency Building Strategy

Public-private partnerships and collaborations among businesses, nonprofits, and public sector organizations are the wave of the future for improving global health outcomes. There is increasing awareness among all three sectors of the benefits of leveraging expertise and resources to meet growing health needs around the world. This requires more individuals with both public health and business acumen to work within and across these sectors to improve health.


Global Health Leaders assists Medtronic Foundation Associates in each program country to develop a country-specific Public-Private Competency Building (PPCB) strategy based on a model developed by PHI’s ACCESS Health Worldwide. The strategy starts by identifying competencies based on the experience and perspectives of practitioners with business and public or nonprofit sector experience, or who have brokered partnerships involving several sectors. Stakeholders include individuals working in health and other industries, academia, and the nonprofit and public sectors interested in improving their business and public health competencies.

Through their engagement, individuals will grow their knowledge on how business, nonprofit, and public agencies operate and work together on health issues and trends, such as non-communicable diseases. They will develop skills required to communicate and build trust across sectors, engage the private sector in public health work, and create cross-sector partnerships to address health priorities in each country.

The result will be pools of public health and corporate health individuals able and ready to partner to improve health outcomes for the underserved in their respective countries.

The Public-Private Competency Building (PPCB) strategy addresses the need for larger, local pools of public health and corporate/business individuals able to improve corporate public health initiatives and public sector health-related activities.

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