PPCB Capstone Project in India

Adolescent Health and Nutrition Initiative (AHANI)

The Adolescent Health and Nutrition Initiative (AHANI) aims to garner support from adolescents and public and private sector organizations to collaborate on an integrated approach to promoting adolescent nutrition health in India. AHANI seeks to increase the number of professionals from all sectors with enhanced competencies around adolescent nutrition and prevention of chronic diseases (NCDs), and provide opportunities for these professionals to collaborate and scale up programs for adolescent nutrition across India.

Website: http://ahaniindia.org


Currently, 26 advisers representing all sectors are researching adolescent nutrition, existing interventions, and the link between adolescent nutrition and adult onset of chronic disease with plans to develop tools and technologies to address these challenges throughout India. In 2018, the members conducted a literature review focused on understanding the determinants of major nutritional problems among Indian adolescents, along with the implications for programs and policy. To date, the AHANI initiative has achieved the following:

  • An integrated model design of program delivery for adolescent health and nutrition in schools and with NGOs, including activity based workshops for schools on nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention and emergency response.
  • Several pilot workshops conducted among adolescents in schools and NGOs across Bangalore, Vadodara and Delhi/Noida.
  • A website and other social media pages dedicated to adolescent health promotion in India to promote knowledge sharing and sustained tri-sector networking.
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