PPCB Capstone Project in Brazil

Intersectoral Forum to Fight NCDs in Brazil

The Forum on Intersectoral Efforts to Fight NCDs in Brazil (Forum Intersetorial para Combate as DCNTs no Brasil) is a space for building cross-sector competencies and relationships between stakeholders from public, private, and NGO sectors in Brazil. The Forum aims to find innovative ways to address national NCD challenges by sharing best practices and facilitating multisectoral dialogue, networking and partnerships.

  Website: forumdcnts.org
Twitter: @forumdcnts


Over 50 Forum members representing over 35 private sector, non-profit, and public sector organizations have attended three multi-day forum meetings in 2017-2018, held multiple knowledge sharing webinars and joined national delegations to call for country accountability and commitments at the UN High Level meeting on NCDs. During the Forum events, the cross-sectoral group collectively planned actions focused towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Health (SDG 3) and Partnerships (SDG 17)in Brazil. Evaluations showed 86% of respondents agreed that the convening facilitated the dialogue for partnerships in health and 82% identified potential partners and partnership opportunities.

To date, the Forum has achieved the following:

  • 5 working groups developing strategies for improving prevention of NCDs, policies or care of cancer and cardio vascular-diabetes.
  • Public declaration of commitment for sustainability of HealthRise diabetes and cardiovascular disease program by the Federal Ministry of Health with a public-private partnership with Albert Einstein Hospital to fund and sustain HealthRise Brazil for an additional two years.
  • Project on NCDs prevention written in partnership between Forum members and submitted to a corporate Forum member for funding.
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